KaDi Technologies

Innovative IT Consulting & Support for Small Business

About Us

We are located on the bustling Geary Blvd in San Francisco.  We serve small business clients in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.  Our clients are in all industries, with most in services such as financial, medical, real estate and non-profit.  Most services are performed remotely via online and alternatively on-site when necessary or by request.

KaDi Technologies is founded and operated by husband and wife team, Katharine and Dino Ornido.  Dino is the technologist and Katharine the marketing specialist.  They combined their expertise and created KaDi Tech, an IT consulting group specializing in creatively applying the latest computer technologies to solve small business needs.

What makes KaDi Tech unique is our high level technical expertise usually only afforded to large corporations.  We are confident our clients will not only testify to our techical expertise, but also gives kudos to our personal service, dedication to clients, and never-quit attitude, no matter what the technical challenge.

Our Principals

Dino fondly recalls the Atari 400 coputer he received as a gift from his parents at the age of seven.  Although the Atari fell into retirement, Dino's love of computers did not.  Dino continued pursuing his interest by tinkering and studying computer science at San Francisco State University.  Following college, Dino pursued a non-computer entrepreneurial venture for a few years and, as fate had it, returned to computers as a corporate sales engineer for Sony PC .  Dino is our senior tech and innovate's KadiTech's creative ways to apply new technologies for our clients.


Katharine graduated at the top of her class from the UC Berkeley Business School with an emphasis in marketing.  After college, Katharine enjoyed working in marketing research, specializing in heading custom research for Fortune 500 high-tech companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Sony.  Despite her love for market research, Katharine decided to leave the corporate world to form KaDi Tech with Dino.  Katharine is responsible for marketing and administration.