KaDi Technologies

Innovative IT Consulting & Support for Small Business


KadiTech offers a very wide range of services for the small business.  We specialize in virtualization, networking, servers and general hardware/software troubleshooting.  This is a sample of some service offerings frequently requested by clients: 

  • Networking:
    • Access to office computer systems to allow staff to work remotely
    • Centralizing software, files and peripherals for network-wide sharing
    • Universal backup onsite/offsite for all office data
  • Security:
    • Tighten security to protect systems from unauthorized entry
    • Customize system/data access for staff
  • Consulting/setup of new office computer system
  • Regular, preventative maintenance of network/equipment
  • Data recovery and restoration
  • Computer hardware repair
  • Software troubleshooting 
  • Clients may establish a Retainer account or Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) for significant savings